I am using this website to also develop other PHP projects.

Occasionally, the template for this site will change. That is to test the template before I make it live on the other WordPress site that I am developing.  The book club that operates through the Toronto Public Library, The Friends of the Merril Collection, had their website hacked. The webhost restored most of the files, but the CSS was lost and the back door remained in place.  I quarantined and removed the offending files, and restored their style sheets and favicon. I am currently working on modifying the stock WordPress theme to something more suited to their style.

I test web-fonts here, here, and here. Web-fonts are great, but they have potential to hog band-width. I found a great website that converts TrueType fonts to web-fonts.

In addition to my own site,, I have spent several weekends developing a gambling site for some friends,, which got leveraged over to a general ledger application.

I am developing a secure single page app, which I call the Event Site Database, that is a contact management system for one of the clubs where I am a member.  The concept uses JSON, AJAX, jQuery, Google Maps API, and encryption.

I have toyed around with leveraging PHP and open source code to create dynamic PDF files, even pre-populating the fields with values entered in the website or posted from LiveCycle.

In late 2005, I started a project in Montreal with Jason Stunden and Garett Lyon where we planned on marketing our own off-site backup server.  This was at a time just about the time The Cloud (Mega Upload, Skydrive, DropBox, and long before Google Drive) started offering the same thing.  We were going to call it B1-Secure and I had a few pages ready when I was hired by Livingston International and I moved back to Toronto.

From 2006 to 2011, I worked on the Livingston International site, upgrading it from its then already stale platform to a revised, vibrant platform.

I have also worked on developing a better shopping list app for Android, which I posted to my GitHub.

While not my project, I have posted the results of the CSS1k Project, an adventure in CSS3 to create dazzling webpages without going overboard on bandwidth.