a greyscale drawing showing a smartphone, a monitor, and a tablet

Hi. My name is Philip Young,

and I am a Cross Platform Developer.

I work in PHP, WordPress, Android, Java, Angular, and I have been known to work in Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, ASP, VB Script, ColdFusion, and Excel.

I build for the web and for devices, and they talk to each other.

What does that mean?

Browsers connect to the internet and they are the victims of whatever flood of information is fed to them, including advertising videos, bloated style sheets, and redundant JavaScript programs. Native apps and PWAs are downloaded only once. All of the styles, images, and programming scripts are stored on your device. Only the text and data need to be downloaded and that makes the user experience fast and light.

Also, a lot on modern data is focused on the Cloud. But when you commute on the subway, or ride an elevator, or work on a construction site, sometimes WiFi access is unavailable and data is shoddy. Maybe your data is so personal, you don’t want it hacked. I build apps that store your data on your device and save your data, encrypted, and where you say you want it saved, not decreed by some software Empire.

I care, and I am curious.

I care that Canadians are charged the most for basic data, the most for data overages, and the most for unlimited data. I care enough to build apps that sip on data.

I am curious what clients want.  I want to know what widgets do. I am really curious why the previous section from the Elementor stock template looks awful in tablet and reads backwards on a phone. 

I am shamelessly sacrificing my website for my clients to study the effects of various plugins on WordPress; different pages may have clashing themes.  I also leverage the Hostinger free sites because they are also secured with SSL.  It’s great for testing PWA in both Angular and WordPress.  It’s a goofy roller-coaster ride, but it is something that I am willing to put myself through for my friends and partners.  There are other, serious pages to look through.  If you see something that you want to buy, it’s just a Jedi mind trick. These are not the products you are looking for; move along; move along.

I am also into fun.  Check out this game that I built based on the Asteroids game engine that I Tweeted about below. It is in JavaScript, so once it’s loaded, you can play it offline.  I added extra features such as rapid fire. As you climb levels you get bonus features such as shields, missiles, and mines. It also keeps you high score, but that was not my feature.