Philip Young

This page has been deliberately set up in a different theme from the default. This is my unabridged resume that has as much of my complete skills and work history as I can remember.  It contains some details from older resumes that were written with assistance from a professional resume writer.

I am a career computer programmer, who quickly adapts to new and emerging technology and is able to relate it to decades old programming methodologies. University degree qualified and a specialist in asynchronous communication and office automation. Related skills in financial programming, human relations, telephone/site support and training.
I am a career programmer with a diverse skill set. Most recently, I have been programming for mobile and the web in Android, Java, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Kotlin, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. I am looking for a position that will utilize my experience and expand it to the next technology with the potential for a supervisory role.

Etobicoke, ON, M9C 1G6

(647) 774-2612


  • Java, PHP, Android, SQLite, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, WordPress, Kotlin, QR Codes, Barcodes, XML, KML, ASP, VBA, Access, dBase III, Clipper, UNIX script, C++, DOS Batch, COBOL, FORTRAN, Turing, BASIC, Lotus 123 Macros, UNISYS DP30
  • Acrobat, LiveCycle, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Photo Paint, Samsung Remote Test Lab
  • Experience with PnP installations.
  • Loyal, honest, team-player, autonomous.


English, French


JCY Creative Studios, Toronto — Android Developer

October 2016-Current (limited liability partnership)

  • Created a personal, database-driven, organization suite for a variety of personal items for mobile phones and tablets.
  • Operated in the Android Studio IDE using Java and Kotlin, SQLite, AdMob, and a host of other libraries as required.

United Parcel Service, Toronto — Driver Helper

October 2019-January 2020 (seasonal position)

  • As second-seat, I organized and delivered packages for the Christmas season.
  • Learned to operate the DIAD tracking system, handle special requests from customers, and perform my duties safely.

The Grand Banquet Hall, Belleville — WordPress Developer

July 2019 (contract)

  • Created and migrated current site using WordPress.
  • Registered domain name on behalf of the client and transferred ownership once webhosting was finalized.
  • Remastered order form document to match look-and-feel of the website and converted it into a fillable form using Adobe Acrobat.
  • Reimaged new corporate logo into web-safe and media-ready (t-shirt, embroidery) formats.

Society for Creative Anachronism, Mississauga — PHP Programmer

October 2015-November 2016 (volunteer position)

  • Created an online database using PHP and leveraging JQuery, cookies, and Google Maps API to record current and potential venues for meetings and events.
  • Used sourced GML and KML to integrate territorial maps.

Lotto 4 Fun, Mississauga — PHP Programmer

April 2007-February 2016 (limited liability partnership)

  • Created LAMP server on an old iMac. Transferred to a hosted server 18 months later.
  • Built an online database using PHP and MySQL to select and store 6/49 quick picks.
  • Scraped websites for lotto results to compare to quick picks, and tally results.
  • Built accounting software to support tallied results.

Livingston International, Toronto — Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

October 2011-December 2015

  • Programmed Team Foundation Server (TFS) to run automated tests.
  • Programmed scripts for Acrobat documents.
  • Maintained SharePoint environment.
  • Used TFS library in Visual Studio 2012 to design and execute test scripts.
  • Used Adobe Acrobat and JavaScript to create fillable, savable PDF forms.
  • Used Adobe Livecycle and JavaScript to create fillable, savable PDF forms with dynamic barcodes.

Livingston International, Toronto — Webmaster 

October 2006-September 2011

  • Programmed server side scripts on ColdFusion web server that emailed out newsletters to intranet and extranet clients, and RSS subscribers.
  • Programmed scripts for Acrobat documents.
  • Delivered images using Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Created KML map for Crossing-Borders 2008 convention.
  • Created, renewed, transferred, and retired domain registrations.
  • Provided support for RIV.CA e-Commerce site.
  • Rewrote, reviewed, edited and proofread content for web sites; posted updates to sites daily.
  • Managed and coordinated web content/submissions in collaboration with various business units and functional areas.
  • Designed and created web pages, forms, files for electronic communication, to meet corporate standards and ensure
  • Trained contributors on CMS on ongoing basis.
  • Developed training materials, tip sheets, etc. as required to facilitate content contribution by others.
  • Identified and researched areas of enhancement to improve performance of sites or better meet user needs.
  • Kept abreast of new technology developments and recommended solutions to improve dissemination and cost effectiveness
    of electronic communications.
  • Promoted and maintained adherence to corporate image.
  • Contributed to corporate reputation management in all media, e.g. electronic, print, voice, in-person communication.
  • Reported on web statistics and analytics.
  • Contacted web developers for program requests and in cases of urgency.
  • Maintained web domain names life-cycle.
  • Used Adobe Acrobat and JavaScript to create fillable, savable PDF forms.
  • Used Adobe LiveCycle and JavaScript to create fillable, savable PDF forms with dynamic barcodes.
  • Used Dreamweaver to develop web pages in Coldfusion.
  • Used Illustrator and PhotoShop to create images, photos.
  • Used Excel and VBA to seek out dead links in intranet and public facing websites.
  • Used a customized, object-oriented CMS for contributing to Intranet and Extranet.

WebHelp Inc., Montreal — Workforce Manager, Database Manager, Quality Control Evaluator

September 2002-April 2006

  • Developed ASP server side scripts and Access database to increase quality control productivity by 380%.
  • Developed office automation tools in MS-Excel and VBA to increase report accuracy in 10% of the time.
  • Connected to SQL server and run Erlang functions to create staffing requirements.
  • Worked in call centre to take customer calls and monitor calls for quality control.
  • Used Excel to query SQL server for productivity numbers.

DeLaRue Cash Systems (Canada), Montreal — Data System Integrator

December 2001-August 2002

  • Converted and combined data from divergent data systems.
  • Developed custom reports not available in DeLaRue system application.
  • Upgraded and installed workstation systems and software.
  • Performed data backup and network maintenance.
  • Provided on-site and telephone support for legacy software.

Haliburton & White, Montreal, Toronto — System Support Supervisor

December 1998-December 2001

  • Developed custom application for company to maintain service dispatch and accounts receivable.
  • Saved company $100,000 per month in lost billing from previous dispatch system.
  • Implemented and troubleshot programming changes and modifications.
  • Unit tested own code, providing low/minimal error rate.
  • Participated in team discussions and develop solutions using best practices.
  • Worked with MIS to debug and maintain ATM contract fulfillment software.
  • Worked with Service Managers to maintain legacy software stability for Y2K.
  • Worked with Network MIS to catalogue, backup, transfer, and integrate network during merger with De La Rue.
  • Provided on-site and telephone support for legacy software.

X-Port Software, Markham — Assistant to Network Manager

May 1997-November 1998

  • Installed UNIX networks for customers including server, workstations, printers, and e-mail.
  • Worked with hardware and software managers to monitor and repair networks from remote location.
  • Developed scripts that would alert for potential and developing problems using e-mail and pagers.
  • Trained staff and customers.

Haliburton & White,  Toronto — Computer Programmer

September 1993-April 1997

  • Developed custom applications for clients including major banks and national retailers.
  • Reduced customer costs by 50% with no overall reduction in throughput resulting in the sale of 20+ units, and securing the market for related supplies and maintenance contracts.
  • Debugged and improved the accounts receivable and inventory system using Clipper.
  • Implemented and troubleshoot programming changes and modifications.
  • Unit tested own code, providing low/minimal error rate.
  • Participated in team discussions and develop solutions using best practices.
  • Provided telephone and on-site customer assistance.
  • Performed some programming at customer location.
  • Created interface code for serial peripherals.
  • Worked closely with the Sales, Service and Programming teams.

Ann Collins Handbags, Mississauga — Computer Programmer

September 1992-August 1993

  • Worked with AT8086 10MHz 1MbRAM 20MbHDD
  • Streamlined order input and editing, improving user’s ability and confidence.
  • Economized report generation by 80%.

Custom Developed Computer Systems,  Orangeville — Computer Programmer

May 1989-September 1992

  • Built XENIX networks.
  • Processed and analyzed research data.
  • Developed procedures in dBaseIII program to increase user friendliness over the competitor’s program.
  • Installed equipment and programs at client locations, and trained users on the systems.
  • Acted as a Troubleshooter and updated manuals.



University of Toronto, Toronto — Bachelor of Science

September 1985 – December 1991

Degree in Computer Science with a minor in Economics.

Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto — Continuing Education Courses

January 1993 – April 1993

Continuing Education Courses in ‘C’ and COBOL.

University of Toronto, Toronto — Continuing Education Courses

January 2016 – May 2016

Mobile Applications for Android Devices.


The Friends of the Merril Collection — WordPress

The website was hacked.  I isolated the offending files and restored the system.  Currently tasked with upgrading the site.

Event Site Database — PHP, AJAX, JSON, Google Maps

A live action role-play group wanted a way to list places where they could meet and play. The group is spread across many locals across Ontario.  I built a secure webpage to store, categorize, add photos, and search for venues appropriate to the task.

Nutritional Info Database — Android class project

Leveraging data available from StatsCan and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), create an Android application that calculates the nutritional information of the food in your shopping cart and calculates how balanced your diet is.

General Ledger — PHP, AJAX

Create a general ledger, import and export data, post accounts, and generate reports.

Charity Casino — PHP, AJAX

Generate lottery tickets, scrape real websites for numbers, email results and account balances.