Hi, I am Philip Young. As well as a Webmaster, I am also an Android Developer, raised in Adolphustown, living in Toronto. I build database applications for average folk with big ideas.

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I am currently Webmaster at the Friends of the Merril Collection. Their WordPress site was hacked in 2015. I was brought on to restore what the backup did not, update the style, and execute monthly backups.

I was Webmaster at Livingston International where I oversaw the transition to modernize their website. They had to retire a website that they acquired when they bought Peace Bridge Brokerage. Expansion into the U.S. market meant that the platform was inadequate to responsively service all of their clients effectively.

While webmaster at Livingston International, I was commissioned to create an interactive map for one of the conventions in 2008, held in Washington at the Hotel Westin Alexandria. I built a KML map for the event, and several others, since.


My friend started up an engineering firm and needed a website. All styles in letterhead, business cards, and on the web were all consistent.  Also, I built a private area where clients could log in and get dynamically built PDFs so that they could submit platform-agnostic bids and contract proposals.

I worked on a weekend project that we called Lotto 4 Fun. We built an online casino that kept track of hundreds of thousands of bets, and maintained an accounting package to track the winnings (and shorts).

My own site has gone through three iterations. Here’s the 2005 version.

In 2011, I found a nicer template.

Now, I am using customized templates through WordPress.