Philip Young – Cross Platform Developer

Hi. My name is Philip Young and I am a Cross Platform Developer.
I started programming 34 years ago. My first job was when I was 17. I was hired by the school to program a key tracker database on an Apple IIe. Back in those days, the entire system, including the operating system, program, and data, was kept on a 5¼ floppy disk that could hold less information than a single, cellphone photograph. And you try to tell that to kids these days, and they won’t believe you.
I have been into databases ever since.
I have worked on SCO Foxbase. I moved to dBase III, then Clipper. Access introduced me to SQL style queries. I leveraged that knowledge in Active Server Pages, PHP, and ColdFusion. I recently learned SQLite for Android.
I currently have a few projects on the back-burner, but I’m hungry for a project that pays the bills. I have a WordPress site (not this one) that I monitor for intrusions, an online accounting system to build in PHP, a music app to design and an engineering app to put together in Android, and my own website to update in the flavour of the day. I am looking into moving into C# and ASP.NET for my personal site.

If you want to see my resume, go here.