Technical Documentation

The event site database is currently in its first draft stage.  It is "functional" for data entry entry and editing, with reports.  Please, use, abuse, take notes, observe and report.
Attempts were made to use other systems to manage a list of venue addresses. 
Excel has the problem with version control right out of the gate, and since 2011, compatibility has become an issue with the .xlsx extension.
Google Sheets was pondered and started.  Almost immediately, Google added and removed features that halted further development out of frustration.
We also looked at Google Maps which some groups have leveraged to display fight, fence, and archery practices.  We felt that privacy issues were not being met.
Research was looked at using a PHP framework, like a CMS or WordPress with extensions.  I just thought that they were way too complex for our needs and could come up with something adequate more quickly.
The result is the work of months of thought, a first attempt, more thought, some peer pressure, a muse, and weeks of coding.

Data Structure

Data is stored in either in a MySQL database or as files in a data folder.
Only registered users have direct access to modules that use the MySQL database, and additions or changes made by them are signed with their user id.
Data entered on the Anonymous page is stored as XML documents.  Although anonymous, each file contains IP address information for abuse tracking.

Data Entry


I have taken certain precautions to prevent the data gathered from getting into the wild.
In my mind, this is not our data.  We have gathered it from friends.  We have to protect it on their behalf. 

Future Development

Built by Philip Young inspired by a post on Facebook.